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About Us

Video is everywhere around us! Up to 75% of internet traffic is consumed by video users. ClearStream's potential customers include video providers and video streaming technology providers in the following markets - archived or VOD (Video on Demand) streaming, Health/Medical Education, Telemedicine, Video Surveillance, Live Streaming, Distance Learning or E-learning, Video Conferencing and Online gaming. Our passion is to deliver the best video quality of experience to our customers anytime, anywhere!

Our Mission:     Deliver a platform that provides the best quality of experience for low bandwidth internet video users.

Our Vision:        Provide standards agnostic software that continually optimizes video communications in real-time.

The Team

The company's primary asset is our team of highly qualified individuals. At ClearStream, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts across science and engineering that bring substantial value to our product line.

Raghu Kopalle
Founder & CEO, Technologist.

Marios S. Pattichis
co-founder & CTO
Professor and Assoc. Chair, UNM ECE.

Andreas Panayides
VP, Engineering
Asst. Professor, UNM ECE.

Venkatesh Jatla
Software Architect,
Ph.D Student, UNM ECE