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About Us

Video is everywhere around us! Up to 75% of internet traffic is consumed by video users. ClearStream's potential customers include video providers and video streaming technology providers in the following markets - archived or VOD (Video on Demand) streaming, Health/Medical Education, Telemedicine, Video Surveillance, Live Streaming, Distance Learning or E-learning, Video Conferencing and Online gaming.

ClearStream allows streaming video users to control their “quality of experience”, based on constraints they define. Currently, there is no real-time video delivery software solution that optimizes video encoding and streaming, while "jointly" taking into account multiple user constraints, such as network bandwidth, transmission delay, display resolution, frame rate, device energy, CPU and memory. ClearStream addresses this multi-constraint video delivery problem with a client/server software platform that provides a smooth, high quality video playback, with particular emphasis on quality of experience for low bandwidth users. Our platform allows automated streaming of optimized encoding streams based on user-specified constraints.

Our Mission:     Deliver a platform that provides the best quality of experience for low bandwidth internet users.

Our Vision:        Provide standards agnostic software that continually optimizes video delivery in real-time.

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The Team

The company's primary asset is our team of highly qualified individuals. At ClearStream, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts across science and engineering that bring substantial value to our product line.

Raghu Kopalle
Founder & CEO, Technologist.

Marios S. Pattichis
co-founder & CTO
Professor and Assoc. Chair, UNM ECE.

Andreas Panayides
VP, Engineering
Asst. Professor, UNM ECE.

Venkatesh Jatla
Software Architect,
Ph.D Student, UNM ECE